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Hi, my name is Amber Light and I’m a recent Cosmo graduate of Caviar Academy and the owner of Amber’s Aesthetics in Lubbock, Tx. 

I always knew I wanted to practice cosmetology and my decision to enroll at Caviar made this possible. Here, I developed solid fundamental Cosmo skills, pursued specialized training (e.g. lash extensions, tooth gems), and built professional connections. Through these experiences I developed the necessary skills to pass the state board exam. That’s what we’re all here to do, right?! 

Reflecting on my time at Caviar Academy one thing I really appreciated about this school is the personal connections the instructors developed with their students and how much they care about prepping their students for future success. Not only does Caviar Academy provide an opportunity to pursue more specialized areas of cosmetology, they truly care about each student. This is something that, I believe, is invaluable in the early stages of your cosmetology career.

Amber Light
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