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Welcome to Caviar Academy, one of the leading schools of its kind. Our goal is to give our students the skills, experience and confidence they need in order to become successful Professionals. Our program is flexible and our Instructors are the best in their field.

Our Cosmetology program is a foundation course focusing on the fundamentals of cutting, color, texture, styling,

hair extentions, skin and nails. Future Professionals learn the fundamentals in theory, then practice them hands-on in the safe environment under their Instructor's care.  


Technical Areas Covered Include:

  • Applying Hair Extensions
  • Braiding, up-styling and finishing
  • Perming and smoothing hair
  • Hair coloring and lightening
  • Precision haircutting skills
  • Manicure, pedicure, makeup and facials
  • And much more

Cosmetology Program

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